Vancouver’s Top 10 Photographic Places


Many people in Vancouver are wondering – “Where are the best places to take pictures here?” They have this city! And a lot, by the way, but here we will discuss the corners of Vancouver, which are conveniently located and have attractive views. So, go through the list. If you are more interested in Toronto read Forthefirsttimer.


Amazing day and night, this historic district of Vancouver attracts photographers with its unique texture and old buildings. Despite the fact that the area is old, credit cards are still accepted. What are we? And the fact that you definitely want to go to one of the local institutions, whether it is a cafe, restaurant or shop, located in the building of the modern heritage of the city. You may even have heard of a famous local landmark that attracts people from everywhere – steam clock.

Granville island


Not really an island, as the name suggests. The industrial roots of this area create the right atmosphere for taking pictures, both during the day and at night. In daylight, the local lively market is playing with colors, as are other attractive places located nearby: the remnants of the industrial past and the elegant shops of artisans. At night (and during the day too) you will certainly be attracted by views of the city opening from this area across the bay, as well as views of bridges fastening the “island” with Vancouver.

Portside park

This place is located on the north side of Main Street. This corner of Vancouver boasts a unique view of the city, reflecting the port life of the city. Fishing boats, full of fresh catch, moor here, as well as container ships, which change cargoes day by day. In addition, you can see a lot of things that relate to the marine and, in particular, the port theme. All this catchy variety complements the scenic backdrop of the mountains stretching to the north coast of the bay.

Canada Place / Convention Center


It is not by chance that excursions are held here every week! Everyone knows and adores a cult place called Canada Place with its snow-white tents resembling sails. Here, literally next door, is the Convention Center West, designed in the original architectural style. You know what it is about – the angular building with grass on the roof, next to which there is a famous monument that took direct part in the 2010 Winter Olympics. The terrain is replete with a sufficient number of points and angles. Even the most demanding photographer Canada Place will like. From the local embankment there is a stunning view of Stanley Park and special, originally Vancouver sights – a flood station and jetties with seaplanes.

UBC (University of British Columbia)


Here, photography lovers will be interested in the anthropology museum. This place is different tranquility. The management of the museum not only does not prohibit, but on the contrary, calls for taking pictures of the exhibits. There is also something to take pictures of and outside. By the way, this is the only place on the list from which you will not see Vancouver at all. Here, only nature and the sea, and if you’re lucky, you can see the bald eagle.